About Us

Branston Community Day Nursery is situated on the site of Branston Community Academy, a unique institution in Lincolnshire and one that has achieved both local and national recognition for all round excellence.

The Nursery is a non-profit making, self-sufficient unit run by the governors of the Academy to be a facility able to take children of both Academy Staff and the local community. It operates on a fee-paying basis, and under the Early Years Grant Scheme, has been validated to provide nursery education for three and four year old’s.¬† The location of the nursery on the Academy grounds provides added educational benefits. Our nursery timetable affords the children regular access to the joint Academy/branch library, which has a special section for young children. The Academy has extra safe indoor and outdoor space for music and movement and physical activities and a newly constructed, natural environment for creative play and exploration, which includes an extensive growing den area. Participation in all such activities is undertaken, of course, in consultation with parents/carers and in the light of the children’s ages.


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