Nursery Day

Nursery Day

Below you will see an outline timetable of the day into which various educational activities are planned so that no matter which part of the day children are present they will experience a varied, stimulating programme adapted to their age, abilities, needs and preferences.

7:45am: As children arrive they are met and settled into activities.

9:15am: Wholemeal toast and milk

9:30am: Morning educational activity programme.

11:30am: Lunch for Children

1:00pm: New arrivals are settled into activities as they arrive. Afternoon educational activity programme.

2:30pm: Healthy Snacks.

4:45pm: Tea (if required)

5:15pm: Last children are picked up.

Because we cater for a wide range of age groups each child follows a programme suitable to his or her needs and parents/carers are consulted about appropriate activities and are kept informed about the progress of their individual child.

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